Miraculous ladybug fanfiction marinette tries to kill herself lila

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Thank you so much! We accept donations year round, so if you haven't donated yet, there's still time to add your support! Marinette is depressed and tries everyday to have a genuine smile on her face but to no avail. Looking for a purpose in her life was proving to be difficult and she didn't really see the point of living.

On a field trip to Gotham City, Marinette debates with herself on weather or not she shouldn't just end it here. She keeps going through the motions until she meets a certain family that give her life laughter again. Will she be able to let her guard down enough to let them in? Or will negative emotions be her downfall? Marinette is trying to keep being positive, but things are making it so hard for her. She's tired of being mistrusted and doubted by her friends, she's tired of giving 2nd chances to those who've hurt her, she's tired of the responsibilities that a 14yr old isn't supposed to have.

She's tired of fighting. It's been 2 years since Marinette's death and everyone is back to normal, well excluding the fact that a ray of sunshine is still missing from their lives.

Ryuko and Viperion are now leading the Miraculous team against Hawkmoth and Mayura and slowly but surely, Chat can feel his purpose as a wielder fading away. What's the point of a cat without his bug? But everything changes when Talia Al Ghul discovers a body in a river and Marinette discovers that she's no normal human. Join the bats in their mission to rescue their beloved angel from the League of Assassins in the sequel of Gotham's Bug.

Her midnight blue hair caught the attention of a nearby light as it glimmered and sparkled under the light's gaze. She turned around.I don't even know how to intro this one.

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It's depressing as all heck, so do not read this is that isn't what you're looking for. Though honestly, if you don't want something depressing, why did you click this story in the first place? It's a salt one-shot and it doesn't end happily for any parties involved. Take that as you will. Also, character death warning, and trigger warning for suicide. It was time. Time, Lila had decided, to finally force Marinette's hand.

The stupid bluenette refused to bow to Lila's whims, and Lila was confident that she now had enough of a hold on their classmates to pull the stunt that she was planning off.

Unless Marinette agreed to Lila's demands, she wouldn't retract her claims on what was about to go down.

MARINETTE WANTS TO KILL HERSELF!!? Adrien cheating on Marinette!!? Lila stops lying? - Texting Story

No, Lila was ready to destroy Marinette's life, because she was not going to allow the baker's daughter to keep trying to expose her.

Lila was in the best place she'd ever been, and if Marinette was determined to try and ruin that, Lila would ruin her.

Adrien wasn't sure what he was expecting to see when he stumbled into school. He wasn't, however, expecting to find a police car present when he pulled up. Gorilla followed close behind him, obviously not eager to be releasing Adrien from his custody when police were outside his school. Worried, Adrien rushed into the school, Gorilla barely even able to keep up, and came to a halt at the sight of his class in the courtyard, most crowded around a crying Lila.

Two police officers stood in front of her, with one occasionally jotting down in their notebook something Lila was saying. The model almost didn't notice the conspicuous absence of Officer Raincomprix. She chased me and, when I started calling for help, ran away. I was here early to help her with some of the work she was doing as class rep; at least, that's what she asked me to do.

Instead, she tried to kill me. I didn't think Marinette would ever do such a thing!It had been a slow, quiet, battle that Marinette hadn't even noticed was happening until it was too late. Despite the seat snafu when Lila first returned to the school, everything pretty much carried on as usual.

Lila tried the occasional big lie, like the time she manipulated her way into Adrien's home, but it never seemed to work out the way she wanted and the excitement surrounding the lie fizzled out quickly. What Marinette hadn't realised — because she was so fucking busy with homework, Ladybug duties, fashion commissions, and a never-ending sleuth of babysitting — was that Lila had been quietly undermining Marinette the whole time with subtle comments and difficult questions until all of her friends were well and truly against her.

They all surrounded her, not in a cheerful group of comradery like usual, but in a mob of anger and spitting accusations. I haven't done anything! Who she has been constantly been there for by babysitting their bratty siblings the last few months.

To point she knew more about what was going on in Chris and the twins' lives than she did about her own best friends. Not for little old me! It isn't Marinette's fault that she's so clumsy and tripped into me! The implication that Marinette had purposely pushed Lila down the stairs was loud and clear. An indignant burning rage swelled up within Marinette's chest. These people had known her since they were five.

She had never hurt a fly on purpose before. The things she had done for them, helping them in their time of need, making them things for their birthday or as a favour for an event or just becauseand the constant advice and encouragement she gave when she could have focused on her own life instead.

God knows, her own life needed some focusing on with the piles of homework and commissions she needed to catch up on. And now, because some exotic liar has strolled in, they were abandoning her and accusing her of being a Chloe?! Marinette opened her mouth on the very verge of losing her temper when suddenly Adrien called out to her. Marinette didn't even have the chance to look up for the dark little butterfly when Adrien suddenly tackled her to the ground.

There was an odd, loud, sound of something large and heavy crashing to the ground, followed by a strange, tuneless, high trill of a piano, and a freaky splatter of something. Not that Marinette paid great attention to the noise around her, she was far too caught up in the burning sensation of having Adrien Agreste's body pressed up against hers, how his face — so beautiful — so close to her own that their noses touched and his warm breath mingled with her own, and how bewitching worry and concern looked in that shade of green.

Marinette's whole being tingled with giddiness until the suffocating silence around them made her disturbingly aware something was not right. Adrien and Marinette struggled out of one another arms and turned to see the strangest, most horrifying, and yet most karmic thing Marinette had ever witnessed.She was tired of missing class and events to fight akumas, and tired of making excuses to cover her absences and then having to make up the work on her own later.

She was tired of comforting people after Chloe bullied them and seeing absolutely no consequences for the school's biggest bully, again and again and again. And she was really, really tired of Lila.

Of hearing her lies, of seeing her classmates sucked in to the increasingly ridiculous tales, of getting blown off by Alya whenever she tried pointing out contradicting things in Lila's stories and of having to decide whether or not hanging out with her friends outside of school was really worth tolerating Lila's company for even longer than usual.

There was nothing she could really do about the akumas besides just fight them, at least not at the moment. Marinette was planning on using her spring break to buckle down and do some serious brainstorming about how she and Chat Noir could track Hawkmoth down and end the battles for good, but the break was another couple weeks out yet. That just left her Chloe and Lila problems. Two bullies, but both carrying out their bullying in very different ways and making her life very, very difficult.

Weren't adults supposed to be the ones to deal like stuff like this? Why did she have to be the one to do all of the fighting against evil? That just wasn't- it wasn't fair. Marinette was supposed to be able to be a kid right now, and dealing with supervillains and bullies was taking that away from her.

More than anything, Marinette wanted to be able to fully enjoy her days together with her friends without having to be on guard and alert all the time. Sure, maybe she could just do her best to ignore some things. But allowing evil to fester wasn't the answer, either. Not when Lila had threatened Marinette and was clearly doing her best to trip up Ladybug, and both she and Chloe were causing or being regular akumas. Trying to call Lila out straight wasn't going to work, Adrien had been right about that much.

It was irritating to admit, but she had her claws in too deep and was too good at turning on the fake tears when anyone challenged anything she said. Marinette had to be crafty if she wanted to outfox Volpina. And as for Chloe Well, she was supposed to just be able to go to an adult and report the bullying and have it dealt with by people in charge, but the adults seemed to be unwilling to actually do anything, because of the Mayor.

Which meant that the root of the problem was there, somewhere, but how was she meant to deal with it? She couldn't just go up and judo-kick the Mayor as Ladybug to solve the problem. Marinette wished that it was that easy.

Marinette mulled over the problem as she sat in class, waiting for their teacher to come in and start the day's lesson. There had to be other ways to call out a liar other than sitting in class and pointing out every contradiction and inaccuracy and straight-up lie that came out of Lila's mouth.

She could text Penny and have Jagged Stone make some comment during his next interview, but that would just be a small bunch of lies disproved and Lila would no doubt make up some new story about why Jagged Stone was refuting her claims.

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Lila had done that when Adrien pointed out that Ladybug had already called her out, and it was just going to happen again with every other lie Marinette pointed out. In fact, it had happened with every last one of the lies that Marinette pointed out. Lila came up with a new story, every one less believable than the last, and yet She could try to get Lila cornered in a lie that someone else in class- say, Alya- would know was a lie, like something about Rena Rouge, but if Lila picked up on the fact that Marinette was trying to get her to say something specific Well, she would wonder why Marinette suddenly cared about her opinion, for one thing.

She would wonder why that topic. And it could be dangerous, too. Lila would wonder why both Marinette and Alya and Nino, too would know that whatever she said about Rena Rouge would be a lie. So that was out for sure. And if she went the route of trying to convince one or two people at a time, the chance that one of them would go to Lila and ask her about something and therefore give away Marinette's plan was too high. Lila would retaliate then for sure, and Marinette really didn't need yet another thing to deal with right now.

In fact, that strategy in general sounded like a lot of work, and that was the opposite of what Marinette needed right now and the opposite of what she was going for.I thought this would be a fun story to write. Enjoy the story.

Shouted at. Called mean things.

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A liar. This was Marinette's life. Lila stupid Rossi. If she could kill one person, that would be Lila. Suddenly, Alya pushed me back and Marinette fell backwards. Now everyone's attention was caught. Adrien, Kim and Alix ran up to the area.

Alya and Marinette were screaming, crying and pushing each other. Marinette easily broke free from Alix but was having trouble with Adrien. Minutes later, they stopped shouting and went their own ways. Marinette sobbing her eyes out while Alya screaming her head off. Nino and Adrien decided that it was best if they sat next to the girls, with one at the back and the other at the front.

Nino did not speak to Adrien about happen, saying it wasn't their business. All he wanted to do was fix this mess, this miss understanding. He was certain that Lila had something to do with this, or Chloe, but he doubt Chloe did anything.

Adrien was going crazy. Everyone was hating on Marinette, everything was Marinette's fault. Marinette this, Marinette that.

He wanted to scream that nothing was Marinette's fault, it was all Lila, but humiliating a bad guy never turned them into a good guy or in this case, girl.The next morning, Lila awoke bright and early, eager to start her first day back in school. She ate her breakfast, brushed her hair and teeth, threw on nice clothes, and was out the door; a massive smile overtaking her light olive face.

The night before, after sending Alya the email, she eagerly told her parents that Ladybug and Chat Noir had finally stopped the Akuma, and now she could return to school. She told them about how the week before she had been elected Class President, much to her mother's delight, and now that the akumas were gone the school was going to throw a large celebration for her and the other honor students. Sadly, her father couldn't be there today due to work, but her mother promised to make it.

Both of her parents were at work at the moment, and Lila never felt so happy to be outside of her home. As she walked along the sidewalk, Marinette's bakery came into her line of view, and she smirked.

Glancing down at her watch, she noted she had more than enough time to pay a trip to her least favorite person on the planet. Smirking to herself, she crosses the street and happily strolls up to the front doors, the bell above lets out a pretty chime, and as suspected the place was fairly quiet, with the sounds of pots and pans clanking in the back where the kitchen probably was.

She didn't get to see what the layout of the home was, just where a few of the rooms were and that's about it. She couldn't help but admire all the delicious looking cakes, cookies, and other sweets proudly set in their display case, looking too good to eat. Marinette had been sitting behind the counter, absently flipping through the pages of one of her fashion magazines, taking a moment to appreciate a gorgeous navy blue dress when she heard the bell ring and spoke first before looking.

Much to her terror, Lila Rossi was standing a massive grin on her face, her olive eyes shimmering happily. Seeing the place was empty, she smirks deviously at her classmate. I guess now you've finally realized what happens when you cross me.

Marinette grinds her teeth to the point of cracking, "You're really something else, aren't you? What's the point in all of this, Lila? She snorts, rolling her eyes, "The point is to teach you a lesson, Ladybug. Lila laughs, "Yeah, don't think I forgot. You humiliated me in front of Adrien, and you've been trying to catch me off guard since. I don't think you're apology back then was real, I think you were just doing it because you wanted to look good in front of him and Chat Noir.

Marinette sighs, yes she had messed up as Ladybug. Confronting her classmate like that and humiliating her in front of her crush isn't what a hero does. She had allowed her jealousy to guide her and even Tikki had been very upset as well. Thanks to her actions, Lila got akumatized.

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She probably does deserve this I am sorry about it. Lila smirks, "I don't forgive you, Marinette. You're a pathetic, sorry excuse for a superhero.

Marinette glares at her hard, "I wasn't finished. I said I was sorry for hurting you in front of your crush.

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I am sorry for ruining your chances with him. If I was in your shoes I would be pretty mad myself. However, I'm not sorry for standing up to you, Lila. I'm not sorry for putting my foot down when I knew you were using everyone around you to make your life easier.I hate Lila. Not just with the way she's horrible to everyone, especially Marinette, but because she's more of a filler character that's only there to cause trouble.

We already have a super-villain terrorizing Paris. Do we really need MORE teenage angst?

Anyway, since Lila seems to never get her comeuppance, I've decided it's up to me. Disclaimer: I don't own Miraculous.

And if I finally do get a hold of it, you'll know. Because the love square will be fixed with a great Marichat matchup! Don't interrupt someone working intently on a puzzle. Chances are, you'll hear some crosswords. That's how long Marinette had been forced to deal with the lies spilling forth from Lila Rossi as the words corrupted her fellow classmates and tired them against her. Everywhere she turned all Marinette saw were harsh glares from the result of whatever lie her arch-enemy had conjured up that morning.

By the way Lila was leaning towards Alya, wincing and grabbing at her shoulder as if in severe pain, and the looks her former best-friend was giving her, Marinette assumed she was once again to blame for another fake injury.

Just a couple days ago Marinette had sunk into a depressive slump when she had seen her classmates turn on her. Alya's glares were the hardest to ignore and she spent that first night crying herself to sleep. With how distraught she was, Marinette was astonished she wasn't akumatized. She figured that even Hawkmoth knew not to deal with teenage depression.

Now though all that she felt was anger. Anger at the betrayal she was being forced to look down on from her lonely vantage point high in the back of the room. A seat she never volunteered to be moved to. Isolated and bitter. I wanted to be her friend but she just laughed at me. Called me names.

Standing, she retrieved her purse, slung her backpack over her shoulder and left the room just as the teacher entered to start the class. Miss Bustier had been just as bad as the rest of them, in Marinette's view. She stalked from the room seeing only the smallest flash of a pleased smirk sent her way by the lying Italian girl.

She had only reached the front entrance before she heard a voice calling her name bringing her to a stop. His voice.

The only one who could give her pause about what she was doing. With a bitter taste in her mouth, Marinette turned around to see Adrien looking at her with concern.

The wide eyes and confused expression on his face, along with his head tilted slightly, gave her a minor jolt as in that moment he reminded her of Chat Noir. Though it was only a moment. One that was soon whisked away by her anger once more.


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